What’s the most important part of your health?  Is it eating a balanced diet, daily exercise, getting enough sleep, balancing your hormones, taking your vitamins, seeing your doctor for regular checkups?  Although these all have their place, there is a much broader picture for consideration.

Over the years, I have personally experienced and observed other people struggle with certain health-related illnesses.  At the same time, I’ve noticed one thing in common amongst them all – that people desire and are seeking one-to-one support and encouragement in determining the root cause of their health challenges.  People are no longer satisfied with just treating symptoms.  They are looking for something more.

As the saying goes, “the sum of the parts equal the whole”.  You might be reading this and wondering, what exactly does that mean?  In the TED talk below,  Lissa Rankin (M.D.), explains what these individual “parts” are and the importance of exploring these areas in your own life.

I use Dr. Rankin’s model with my health coaching clients.  If you are interested in learning more about my coaching packages, please click on the Coaching Tab. 

I look forward to working with you on this healing journey!!!

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